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Let your insights make a difference – now! 

Amidst the busyness of everyday life, where it’s easy to lose focus, because much and many steal our attention, you can quickly and effectively find your focus and re-connect with your personal resources, every time you check in with your pieces and insights in the app. 

You decide how often and for how long, you want to do it.  

10 seconds are enough.


The more often you check in, the faster you’ll re-wire your brain to think or do things differently, and from that out-set make the right decisions.  

If you make it a daily practice similar to checking messages – before getting up and going to bed – you can use the app to tune in and influence your state of mind and your experience of the day, of your yourself, your life, your job, your relations and all the other things you spend your time and energy on.


Want to kickstart your daily practice over the next 3 weeks?

Get 3 posts over the next 3 weeks about personal leadership and focus that will support you in holding on to yourself and your insight about what matters most and what might even be necessary in your current situation.


You will also hear more about why the repeated daily glance is an efficient and deep way of getting your brain to support you rather than obstruct you in your process. 

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