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Date with art: use it to find your match

Perhaps you're looking for a match.

Perhaps you're dating someone but aren’t sure whether it’s the right match.

Use AsoY to get closer to your answer, to yourself and each other.

Are you about to go on a date at a local art gallery?

Or planning one to get a special experience together including lunch or coffee at the (usually really nice) café? 

Walking around an exhibition can be a great way to spend time together. 

But it can also become a bit awkward, if you’re not sure what to say and think about the art there...

This app completely changes that by creating surpricingly personal experiences and meaningful conversation, bringing you closer to yourself and each other.

You don't have to do anything other than choosing a work of art each that speaks to you. The app guides you all the way step by step.

Use it together on a date to get to know each other better and what you value and prioritise in life.

Or use it alone to clarify what matters to you as a natural and important part of the process of choosing a partner.

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Did you know that the chances of two people finding a real match and a successful longterm relationship are far higher if they share 3 key values?

Values are defined by what is valuable and important to each of us such as freedom, love, stability, success, recognition, health and much more.


But you know what? It only makes sense to talk about values if we get really specific about the meaning we attach to the ones that matter most at this particular stage in our lives. 

If you take time to get clear about what it looks like when you live out your key values every day,  you'll  feel a lot more in sync with yourself. What is right for you at this moment in time is simply easier to see. 

What are your 3 key values?

What does it look like when they are fulfilled? What does it take? What has to happen? What is needed?


Let's take an example using the value of "time" that most of us are short of: When is there ENOUGH time? What does it take? What do you do and what does it look like, when you have enough time? What has to happen? What is needed?

You can ask the same questions about other values: When do you know that you are loved or succesful? What does it take? What do you do and what does it look like, when you are loved or successful? What has to happen? What is needed?

It's also possible that your values conflict with each other: e.g. that the way you define and live out "freedom" (for instance) is in conflict with the way you define and live out "relationship".  

In any case - THE FACT THAT VALUES ARE CRUCIAL TO FINDING THE RIGHT MATCH, has been the greatest AHA-experience of my life.


Eleven years ago I found myself in a personal development course, where we did a classical values exercise mapping and prioritising our ten core values. 


The AHA-EXPERIENCE broke through the moment I realised that I hadn’t prioritized “commitment” enough: that is choosing partners who really wanted to commit. Completely. 

In fact, I had unconsciously prioritized “sense magic” OVER commitment even though I was searching and longing for a life long match and relationship.

Seen in hindsight, it all sounds incredibly obvious, but I left that course with a feeling that something absolutely fundamental had changed.

And whatever it was that did it, I met my husband 2 months later! 

A completely different type. And the right match with shared values of: commitment, depth of spirit and “sense of magic” (in that order!).  


The more aware you are of how your 3 key values relate to one another, the more “aligned” you’ll feel – and the easier it is to find the right match you’re looking for.

Does it sound complicated?

It doesn’t have to be AT ALL. 

Whether you're in a relationship already or "testing the waters", try the ART speaks of YOU app together to find your values: what matters most to both of you in your life, career and relationship.

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