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Personal experiences of art for

personal development and growth

Personalize your art experiences with a simple 5 step app that makes it easy to use ANY work of art as a tool for depening self-awareness. But how DOES it work? Find out below.


Art apps usually teach you about the history of art, the lives of the artists and provide you with maps, games, audio-guides etc.


You won't find any of that in AsoY! 

ART speaks of YOU® will teach you about yourself and how to use works of art in an easy, inspiring and completely different way: as a direct, intuitive and powerful way to connect with yourself and tune into what matters most to you. Right now.


ART speaks of YOU® builds on the classical idea that aesthetic experiences of art and beauty are a powerful and direct way to connect with and understand ourselves better.

You don’t need to KNOW ANYTHING about art!


Most people think they have to KNOW about art to get something out of it. That’s why they read the sign first. And it easily becomes an intellectual exercise rather than a personally engaging experience.   

Few people look to art as something they can use at any given moment or period of their private or professional lives to tune into what is right and important to them: when gripped with doubt, seeking clarity, direction or focus. But they could, if only they knew how to use it in precisely those situations.


AsoY is designed to be a “user manual” with 5 simple steps that make it easy and inspiring to use works of art as an efficient and effective tool for deepening self-awareness. As a personal compass for your inner journey.  

The app guides you step-by-step into ANY work of art that speaks TO YOU. By step 4, you’ll discover that it also speaks ABOUT YOU and the things that matters most to you. Now. Hence ART speaks of YOU®.   


You can use any motif and, essentially, any picture that speaks to you: a photo of a beautiful place you’ve been, a landscape, a building, an object or a picture of person that is special to you.


HOWEVER, works of art are exceptional, when it comes to making us stop, switch perspective and lead us to our inner core.   

Every work of art and motif that captures your attention reflects something that’s important to you – and it will help you remember it.


Key to understanding how and why it works is that the brain loves pictures. Works of art stimulate parts of the brain that lie beyond the cognitive: the limbic system (where your emotions are formed), the mirror neurons and your visual memory.

That was the basis of my PhD, in which I combined neuro-science, theories of memory and the philosophy of art to explore how art can be and has been used throughout history to strengthen people’s sense of identity, beliefs and values.

The 5 steps turn the fruit of this research into a tool for everyday practice by means of recognized methods from coaching and humanistic psychology. It has nothing, however, to do with art-therapy or psycho-therapy. 





AsoY helps you tune into what it is you want to dedicate your time, energy and attention to at this particular moment of your life and career. It helps you see the key values that drive your decisions and the personal strengths you need to draw on in order to act them out.

Most people struggle to be specific about their key values and strengths.

The 5 steps help you go deeper and get beyond general answers.


As users say: “It happens before you know it” in a COMPLETELY INTUITIVE WAY.



Since I launched ART speaks of YOU® in 2014 as a workshop at a major art museum in Rome, hundreds of people have used the 5 steps to experience works of art in a personally significant way.

Most of them have been surprised to discover that art can be used so efficiently and in such a simple and structured way to deepen their understanding of themselves and connect with their own resources and values.  

The ambition with this app is to enable many others to enjoy similar experiences that are unique and surprisingly personal – every time.

I hope you’ll be excited to see your insights build up, track your inner journey over time and enjoy his personal experience of art where ever you are.


Gitte Lønstrup Dal Santo

Master of Arts, PhD & Certified Coach

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