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« Art brings us into presence and connects us to ourselves.«

Russ Hudson

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Personal Leadership & stress

AsoY® is an app with 5 simple steps leading you to discover personal resources in a way that is intuitive and visual.  

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“ASoY is so simple, unique, and powerful. 

Thanks so much for making this wonderful app. I

t's such a refreshing change to have a "self-help" type app where the focus is on actual inner work rather than the bells and whistles of technology.

By contrast, all the mindfulness stuff just seems like a thousand variations on "Breathe deeply and don't think about anything" -- which, I've found, is a fleeting experience of very limited value. 

This really is the distinguishing feature of the app. I’ve honestly never encountered another app that led me to such surprising, profound personal insights. Most others involve passively listening to an ‘expert’, which really just tells us about what they think and value, not what we do! In a time where we face such an onslaught of input, it’s a revelation to find a guide who can give us back authority over the narrative of our lives. All the answers we need are there!


Hamish, Canada

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