« Art brings us into presence and connects us to ourselves.«

Russ Hudson

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What does art have to do with you and your life - here and now?

ART speaks of YOU® is an app with 5 simple steps to surprisingly personal  experiences of art that focus on what matters most to YOU. Right now. 

You dont need to know ANYTHING about art. 

The app guides you step by step into ANY work of art which intuitively speaks TO YOU.

At the end you’ll realise that it also speaks ABOUT YOU and what it is you’re looking for in your life and career. 

« This app is brilliant! 

I got SO much out following every single step. It's been an amazing experience that lead me to greater clarity about my life values. For the first time in my life, I've written them down and carry them with me as a private manifesto and art diary in the "MY INSIGHTS" feature. 

Karine Blandel, scientist.


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   any time anywhere

ART speaks of YOU® can be used with ANY work of art that captures your attention, at ANY art gallery, at home, out and about or online like on Google Arts & Culture.

« I have never known, experienced, or thought that a work of art could have

such a strong impact on me, as when I used the 5 steps....

Suddenly the work of art was a reflection of me, my “condition” and my place in life RIGHT NOW.  Every  corner and every stroke speaks of me and reminds me of what it is I want, of my vision and purpose in life! I'm struck by the fact that a picture, which I haven't chosen on the basis of taste, but on the basis of a fast intuitive choice, can contain and reflect all that! «

« I connected with important personal resources.

It was amazing to realise that I can access them so easily through a work of art! « 

« ART speaks of YOU opened my eyes to the many different ways in which you can approach a work of art. I realized that the dialogue with the work of art I had chosen became a dialogue with myself. It was fascinating to see that the picture made more and more sense in terms of my own life the further I got in the 5 step proces!​ « ​

« I can visit museums and enjoy it a lot! That's new! Thank you! «

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