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Privacy Policy / Persondatapolitik (DPA)                

List of data processors /databehandlere:

General DPA (EN)

Please refer to "ART speaks of YOU ApS" & "GitteMaria's" DPA here.

Please notice that as of 01.01.2023 the EMV "ART speaks of YOU" (CVR 38483544) was renamed "Gitte Maria". This does not concern "ART speaks of YOU ApS". 



Generel DPA (DK)

Venligst konsulter "ART speaks of YOU ApS" & "GitteMarias" DPA her.

Venligst bemærk at fra den 01.01.2023 blev EMV "ART speaks of YOU" (CVR 38483544) omdøbt til "Gitte Maria". Dette vedrører ikke "ART speaks of YOU ApS".  

Specific Privacy for AsoY – ART speaks of YOU® version 1.4.2. THIS VERSION CAN NO LONGER BE DOWNLOADED

In the AsoY – ART speaks of YOU® app version 1.4.2 we don’t store

ANY of your data, as this app does not have a back-end. 


Your data is saved on YOUR device ONLY, hence we strongly encourage you to have a back-up like iCloud.

Any changes to this will require a new version to be built and reviewed by App Store.


All information will be published on this site.

Very best,

Gitte Lønstrup Dal Santo

Founder & owner of ART speaks of YOU ApS & ART speaks of YOU®




Specifik Persondatapolitik for AsoY – ART speaks of YOU® version 1.4.2. PT IKKE TILGÆNGELIG

I AsoY – ART speaks of YOU ®appen version 1.4.2 behandler vi INGEN data, eftersom denne app ikke har en back-end. 

Dine data gemmes KUN lokalt på din telefon eller tablet, og derfor opfordrer vi alle til at have back-up som fx iCloud.

Enhver ændring af dette vil kræve en ny version app og godkendt af App Store.

Al information offentliggøres på denne side.  ​​

Gitte Maria Lønstrup Dal Santo

Stifter & ejer af ART speaks of YOU ApS & ART speaks of YOU®



  • The server where the AsoY Business Premium app is hosted (Ireland, EU).

  • Den server, som AsoY business premium er koblet op til (Irland, EU).


  • The evaluation tool used in the AsoY app and in workshops.

  • Det evalueringsværktøj, som bruges i AsoY appen og i workshops.

VIA Character Strengths Survey & Character Reports | VIA Institute)

  • The strength survey that is used in the AsoY app and in workshops.

  • Den styrketest, som bruges i AsoY 1.0. appen og i workshops.


Piwic Pro



  • Hosts the email-based follow-up program related to the video (only in Danish).

  • Hoster det email-baserede opfølgningsprogram relateret til video om værdier.


  • Host videoes related to AsoY.

  • Hoster videoer relateret til AsoY. 


  • AsoYs closed online community is facilitated from here. Shared data protection. 

  • AsoYs lukkede online community faciliteres herfra. Fælles dataansvar.


Google & Apple App Stores

  • Display of the AsoY app.

  • Display af AsoY appen.

Office online 

  • Emails are handled from here.

  • Emails håndteres herfra.

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